Posturing for Health and Life

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Quadrant’s Posturing for Health and Life Team provides a comprehensive array of assessment and training programs to identify and prevent musculo-skeletal issues. This is accomplished through detailed postural analyses of individual employees, with special attention paid to their physical abilities, limitations, challenges and types of muscular fatigue or pain. Employee data are gathered through 1:1 interviews, photographs and videos. In addition, the PH&L Team offers a wide range of workplace-specific programs.

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Quadrant Headquarters

Quadrant Headquarters

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Workplace-specific presentations include:

  • Ergonomic Training
  • Risk Factors: Occupational and Non-Occupational
  • Postural Analysis
  • Functional Abilities
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Exercises: Strengthening, Stretching & General Fitness
  • Body Mechanics
  • Job-Specific Injury Prevention Training
  • Safety Team and Management Advanced Ergonomic Training
  • Worksite Job Analysis
  • Workstation Assessment