Research Donor Program

Quadrant’s Research Donor Program enables scientists to be scientists, not bureaucrats. Pharmaceutical companies and research firms partner with Quadrant to collect human biological substances necessary for cutting-edge research. We have over a decade of experience designing and supporting research requiring the collection of blood, sputum, urine, hair follicles, and other biological substances. Quadrant manages the entire process, assuring compliance with all applicable chain-of-custody and jurisdictional regulatory standards.

Specific Elements

Provides timely collection of human biological substances (blood, hair follicles, and other specimens such as sputum, urine, feces) onsite

  • Assures complete confidentiality
  • Assumes responsibility for all administrative tasks associated with…
  • Conducted onsite at major research organizations
  • Conducted in Beverly for smaller organizations
  • Utilizes volunteer employee-donors
  • Provides special case procedures, including clinical trials

The Research Donor Program is a service that:

  • Simplifies researchers’ jobs by eliminating the bureaucratic tasks associated with the logistics of sourcing human biological materials for research
  • Is conducted onsite at major research organizations
  • Provides researchers with more control over results, particularly assay development
  • Utilizes volunteer employee-donors
  • Provides special case procedures: Registered clinical trials