Medical Directorship and Consulting

When you need advice from word-class occupational physicians…

Quadrant provides contracted Medical Director Services for organizations whose operations require medical oversight. Since 1997, Quadrant has provided expert medical oversight and guidance to organizations from every industrial sector. Our Board-certified occupational medicine physicians assure that your workplace is safe and compliant with OSHA and all other legal, ethical, and jurisdictional regulations. Quadrant Medical directors evaluate environmental data and biological monitoring measures; they analyze potential hazardous substances and potential health risks; establish incident prevention and loss control; they provide integrated disability management; and they implement return-to-work programs.

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Quadrant Headquarters

Quadrant Headquarters

500 Cummings Center
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Beverly, MA 01915

Specific Medical Director and Consultation Services include:

  • Actively promoting a Culture of Health, Safety and Well-Being
  • Establishing and evaluating health surveillance protocols
  • Leadership in developing a healthier workplace environment
  • Identifying applicable regulatory compliance measures
  • Assuring compliance with OSHA and other relevant standards
  • Assessing environmental data and industrial hygiene
  • Evaluating biological monitoring measures
  • Assessing potential hazardous substances
  • Analyzing trends and potential health risks
  • Developing health and safety-related SOP’s
  • Evaluating potential workplace hazards and health risks
  • Assessing potential chemical exposures
  • Managing health policy
  • Implementing integrated disability management
  • Establishing occupational health best-practice protocols
  • Diagnosing work-related diseases and injuries
  • Providing health-related training
  • Performing clinical services onsite anywhere in the US
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Workers compensation consultations
  • Toxicology consultations